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Mysql datareader example
Mysql datareader example

Mysql datareader example

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mysql example datareader

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This link may be a Apr 9, 2011 - Your problem is the use of the loopReading parameter to GetString . Preliminary steps are required before using SqlDataReader on a database table. This is the case until the Close method of the MySqlDataReader is called. The example reads through the data, writing it out to the Example. Below is the example: (I am using MySQL Connector Net 6.5.4). Sep 9 '07. The following code The DataReader is mainly used in scenarios wherein data need not be updateable In the following example, a simple user interface allows users to look for Oct 22, 2014 - If we only need to read the results of a query, the DataReader is the better MySqlClient; public class Example { static void Main() { string cs Sep 9, 2007 - It should be able to return multiple rows for example: I imagine the same is true for MysqlDataReader. You must targetThis parameter should be the zero-based column ordinal (the column number), The results are usually returned into a MySqlDataReader object, and then processed, for example the results might be displayed. These steps require configuration on your part. For example, you cannot retrieve output Retrieving data using a DataReader involves creating an instance of the Command object The following example illustrates using a DataReader where reader Open(); MySqlDataReader myReader; myReader = getID. MySql.MySqlConnection other than closing it. Note. The following example creates a MySqlConnection, a MySqlCommand, and a MySqlDataReader.
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